A periodontist is a specialized dentist who helps take care of, diagnose, and treat problems with your gums. There are several periodontal gum diseases out there they can cause many health problems, usually resulting in infections, abscesses, and even tooth loss. A periodontist is just one of the eight different specialties within the dental field and to be considered one goes through extra training including three years of residency. You might need to see a Marlton periodontist right away if you haven’t gone to one in a while.  


Seeing a periodontist is extremely important because you may not realize that you have periodontal disease. It might even go undetected and is often painless, the patient does not realize something is wrong until it is too late to fix the problem. Let’s look at several of the reasons why you should see a periodontist.


What Are The Reasons You Should See a Periodontist?

If you’ve had gum disease that has gone untreated for a long time, it might progress so badly that only a periodontist can help treat it. That means your regular dentist might have to send you to a periodontist to take care of the problem. They have more extensive knowledge and updated state-of-the-art technology and techniques to help treat periodontal disease. They are even required to take over 100 hours of additional courses every year to stay on top of this growing area of research and treatment.


Are There Any Benefits to Seeing a Periodontist?


Periodontists can help treat gum diseases that other dentists are ill-equipped to handle. Again, you might not realize that you have any problem at all until it gets too out of hand. Seeing a periodontist can help diagnose any underlying gum disease problems that should be treated. If you need to have teeth pulled as a result of the disease, they can also add implants and even detect signs of oral cancer. With regular visits to a periodontist and keeping up with your oral health, losing teeth should not be something you deal with as you get older.


Should You Be Tested for Periodontal Disease? How Often?


Every time you go to the dentist, you should ask to receive a periodontal examination. It should be thorough and should look at every part of your mouth to see if there’s any type of infection, abscesses, or even warning signs that you might be developing oral cancer. The periodontist will look below the gum line, the spaces between your teeth, and even check the overall health of your teeth on the inside.


Periodontists have to look inside the teeth to see what’s going on with the pulp. The pulp is the tissues and nerves on the inside of the teeth. It can become infected, which is what most often leads to tooth decay and loss. They will also be able to determine the overall health of your mouth by looking at the firmness and color of your teeth. The symmetry of your mouth and how your bite is placed is also a big factor. They will look at x-rays to see how the bone structure of your teeth looks or if there’s cavity starting to form beneath the surface.


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